Decorative Rose Angel Figurines

Angels and Cherubs is a popular range of products for all ages. We have an extensive collection of designs including decorative angels with pink roses.

Nature's Angels

These gorgeous  Nature's Angel has been crafted and imported from China.

Each Angel is made from resin then finished in house with high-quality clear Wax polish to give it a lovely natural ivory sheen.The word angel comes from the Greek word “Angelos” which means messenger. Angels are believed to watch over us.

They say we are assigned an angel to guide and protect us throughout our lives, so If you seek an angel with an open heart... You shall always find one. Stunning resin collectables.

Hati-Hati Angels

Hati-Hati  wooden angels are hand carved in mountain villages from Suar-wood a sustainable hardwood. This wood is used to create beautiful and often sacred images. Placed in hand-made batik decor cotton bags with lovely info header cards, Hati-Hati Angels make beautiful, cultural and caring gifts. 

Every angel has been carefully carved by hand, sun-dried, finished, polished and painted by artisans in rural areas, Hat-hati is a common Indonesian word meaning take care. So these angels are designed to bring love and caring to all who hold them.

There are now eight angels to collect: 

Smaller size, 15 cm tall: Love, Joy, Health and Wealth Angel. Bigger size, 25 cm tall: Peace, Caring, Guardian and Friendship Angel.

Remember as you pass this angel on to smile and say “Hati-Hati!”.

To name a few in our collection, there is also Angel Jewellery and Crystal Angel statues and much more! Go on...... dive in the angels are calling you!

Our brand so far....always looking for new ones which fit the company ethic.