Vintage Cushion Covers

With a nice texture, well made and with vivid images, these Vintage Cushions covers are eye-catching and wonderful gifts. The range includes a Middle Earth theme, with Green Man and wizards. Also sporting the retro movie designs, which are increasingly popular as well as our Chakra design for the esoteric and yoga shops.

These vintage cushion covers will complement any decor style, they are also great for B&B and hotel decor.

Cushion covers are always a great gift, as customers tend to buy sets, easy to pack and take away as a gift.

Nautical Cushion Covers 

Cotton Cushion Covers, these are a beautiful natural cotton cushion with zip back opening, featured in nautical designs. Made from the very best cotton, these cushion covers are sold in sets of four complimentary designs, the perfect gift for the seaside lovers.

These unique cushion covers will inspire your customers to decorate their home with on trend nautical designs. Ancient Wisdom classic cotton cushion covers will complement any decor style, they are also great for B&B's and Hotels decor.

Mermaid Cushion Covers

These mermaid cushion covers are embellished with shiny sequins which change colour as you brush your hand along the surface, this brings some interactivity and fun to a sofa and is incredibly satisfying to play with!

They come in lots of different colour combinations to suit any customers home or personality. Nobody can resist playing with the colours and trying to draw pictures or write their names, we definitely couldn't! (Especially with the violet & silver cushion, one of our favourites...  

Jute & Cotton Canvas - Latin 40x40cm

Beautiful cotton canvas cushions with a jute panel colourfully printed with art motifs and inscribed with witty quotes in Latin.  Your customers will have fun figuring out what the Latin might mean, eg no.6 means “Never Enough Time”.

Our brand so far....always looking for new ones which fit the company ethic.