Real Leaf Jewellery

Amazingly Real Leaf Jewellery is made with actual real leaves, hand selected and harvested leaf-by-leaf. Then using a unique electro-plating method the leafs are gradually, magically.. turned to metal. As these are real leaves, not one piece is quite the same so each one bought is unique to the customer!

A perfect romantic gift for anyone who loves nature!

Summer Of Love Jewellery

Check out this colourful and interesting range, Summer of Love Jewellery with three summer-themed colours - lime, orange and sunset.

These wooden and resin beads jewellery range are handmade with love and care by artisan family in Indonesia, they are unique jewellery, very fashionable, full of character that your customers will be really impressed with the quality and details.

Featured in many designs, colours and materials. Need a handbag with it? Visit our bag department!

Angels & Demons Jewellery

This Jewellery Collection is stunningly glitzy, so wearing this you will really sparkle on a night out.

Six of this fabulous range represents angels and the other six demons not to mention the low price, we are sure that it will be impossible to resist the temptation.

Our brand so far....always looking for new ones which fit the company ethic.